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Divine Design Chart

Marriage Puzzle and other Divine Design readings give you a strategy and a power to co-create your Universe using the truth and biggest potentials of your Spirit. Accompanied by Divine Mirrors paintings these deep personal messages from your Higher Self give you important information about your life work, karmic lessons and relationship patterns. If you are intrigued and inspired, add this energetic spiritual transmission to your painting order or request a reading of your choice.

Please fill out the form below.
If you were born in a small town or village, please give us a name of a bigger city near by as well.

Your information will be used for calculating your personal chart only.
We NEVER SHARE OR SELL any of our clients e-mails or any other information.
Please call 847-414-3730 if you have any questions or to schedule your reading after you receive your chart.

If you are interested about what, why and how of your relationships, you may schedule a composite chart reading for your family members , business partners or friends.

Please note that we need a CORRECT time of your birth for the most accurate reading.

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