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New Human Energetics - Your Place in the Human Matrix

Divine Design is a remarkable system that provides profound insights about how each individual is uniquely programmed from birth to interact with the world and a road map of the ways to be balanced, happy and true to yourself.

These everyday conditioned behaviours take us off the path:

  • A need to be right, to try and convince everyone that they are wrong.
  • Staying involved in and holding onto relationships, jobs and places that are clearly not good for us
  • Making up stories to avoid telling the absolute truth.
  • Avoiding confrontation or rocking the boat with another person
  • Allowing ourselves to be pressured to answer everyone else's questions
  • Being always in a hurry and allow to be pressured, thinking that the only way we can be free of the pressure is to get things done, depleting our energy in the process
  • Knowing when "enough is enough" but feeling enslaved and victimized Feeling we have something to prove (like: Am I smart enough? good enough? successful enough? sexy enough?)
  • Undervaluing ourselves and "giving it away for free"
  • Being disappointed in love or obsessed with finding love
  • Feeling uncertain about direction in life
  • Trying to attract attention
  • Becoming obsessed with trying to manifest our desires

Understanding your Design gives you insights and abilities to:

  • Know why you do what you do and feel what you feel
  • Love and accept yourself and others deeper than ever before
  • Use the best strategies to eliminate resistance and uncomfortable experiences
  • Make correct decisions for yourself instead ofrelying on outside authorities
  • Help you let go of the need to figure out life with your intellect and trust your inner guidance
  • Enter into relationships, business commitments and career opportunities correctly
  • Manifesting your heart desires in the material world
  • Impact others and notice how theyr impact you and your life
  • How to confront uncomfortable situations and still feel that you will survive
  • Be aware of and manage the pressure you are under
  • Be truthful with others even when it means rocking the boat and upsetting someone
  • Explain why you have been trying to prove yourself to the world and help you stop this behavior
  • Wait for clarity, allowing others to answer their own questions instead of trying to have all the answers

Living the highest aspects of your Divine Design will add JOY to every aspect of your life, making you feel whole and complete all the time, every place, in every situation.

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