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The Golden Path - Unveil Your Sacred Contracts and Divine Blueprint

Based on years of learning, teaching, and experimenting, this work activates your life purpose and  positively changes dynamics of your Life. Each reading is a personal transmission, that empowers you to recognize and accept your innate gifts and abilities. It activates six major aspects of your life journey and allows your divine essence to be of service to humanity.

The Life's Work - learn how and why you create your challenges and what you are here to do
Evolutionary path - understand your driving force and how to move through the lessons of your life
Health and Radiance - notice how you repress or express yourself and unlock the true genius hidden within your DNA
Divine Purpose - receive the strategy for wellness, fulfillment and success and connect to  your Soul purpose for this incarnation
Mars/Venus Sequence - understand why, when, how and who is running your relationships, then experience positive transformation
The Treasure Chest - notice when you take yourself for granted, then boost your money making activity and start sharing your true brand and talent with the world

Know Thy Partner - Marriage Puzzle Help

During these consultations you receive an accurate report about your energetic state and the state of your love affairs. This information helps you positively improve any existing relationships or create new relationships that create happiness verses disappointment, liability or trauma.  It allows you to see the gifts and lessons you receive from every person in your life and teaches you exactly how you can attract relationships that honor and reward your uniqueness. These sessions  give you alchemical blend of right ingredients for effective communication, deep connection and true love.

Know Thy Child - Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow Parenting

Family and/or children dynamics are often very complex. These sessions will teach you HOW  every member of your family is "wired", what exactly do you need to say or do to avoid over-reactions and how you can promote peace, harmony and cooperation in your home. It will help you teach your children to follow their unique way of Being and to enjoy the benefits of family life now and in their future.

Crystal Mandala - Activating the Elemental Healing Within

There is a magic connection between your life purpose,  your health, and prosperity and the stones in your jewelry box. Crystal Mandala is a set of stones that amplifies your positive frequencies and assists you in incorporating the power of Earth and Cosmos elements in your daily manifestations.

Benefits of Golden Path Sessions

Golden Path Readings facilitates a magical transformation  and help you powerfully integrate many multi layered experiences recorded in your memory. Your wisdom centers called chakras will spontaneously release fears, resentments and longing for Love and support your body, mind and Spirit in re-aligning with your original blueprint. Enhanced by Matrix Energetics these sessions assist you in expanding your awareness and giving you a precision to accept yourself, your NOW and your spiritual evolutionary path.

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