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Extraordinary Relationships for People Who Want It All

Imagine doing a series of very thorough Relationship sessions that clarify every aspect of every relationship issue you ever had. It will help you optimize the qualities in yourself that you want in your partner, so you may attract Unconditional love in your life.

If you want to have relationships that are outstanding, guess who has to be outstanding?

That is right!
You have to resonate with and live the very qualities that you want in your relationships. Even though it often seems that your partner is causing problems in your relationship, deep down you know that you are either attracting or settling for exactly what you are getting in your relationship.

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  • Stay 100% present (even when it’s intense)
  • Eliminate resentments and the reasons we create them
  • Love based on self-sufficiency
  • Optimize communication
  • Debug your Inner Human Software so that you stop attracting people that exemplify your    unresolved issues from childhood
  • Stop dating your parents
  • Attract an ideal partner
  • Not settle for less than you really want
  • Have both intimacy and independence
  • Reunite with the divine masculine and/or divine feminine within yourself
  • Eliminate the causes of fighting over money
  • Have absolutely fabulous love making
  • With the help of unique WaveMaker technology you can wipe out the energy of unwanted thoughts and habits and create a relationship that is best for YOU. Become Unconditional Love (isn’t it what you are looking for?) and watch the Universe sending your soul-mate your way

The most important relationship you have is the one with yourself. ALL relationships start with you. 
All relationships problems are grounded in any unresolved inner conflicts you may have.  If you are unaware of these issues, you are likely to compromise your relationship. Awareness will help you identify and resolve your inner conflicts (like fear of intimacy and infertility issues), stop dating your “parents”, and attract an ideal partner.

My 6 Step Coaching programs will add JOY to every aspect of your life, allowing you feel deserving and opening yourself to receive all the best that is there for you.

Transformation is profound and permanent

Our intimate relationships often serve as a “spiritual practice” for us. They tend to mirror our deepest unresolved issues with increasing frequency and intensity until we either embrace and heal these deep seated inner issues or blow off the relationship in frustration. The latter often happens when one person is under the illusion that the problems are the fault of the other person and everything would be fine, if only the other person would be different.

Just because our “stuff” can be triggered most easily in intimate relationships doesn’t mean that similar issues won’t present themselves or be barriers to our success in other types of relationships, including business or social environments. How many times have you been in a relationship where the other person was “needy”? How did it feel? Awful, wasn’t it? It probably felt as if they were sucking the energy out of you.  In fact, this is actually what they were doing.  It’s natural to develop resentment towards someone when this is what is happening.

If you are still unconsciously seeking love that you feel we didn’t get from our parents, you will be strongly attracted to someone who has similar issues such as emotional unavailability. This is especially true if there seems to be a pattern of becoming involved repeatedly with people who tend to have the same issues. What’s the answer? The only real solution lies in being able to love yourself enough that you don’t need to keep looking for that love from someone else. Actually, what you are looking for isn’t love; you are looking for a way to get your needs met.  These needs include: being seen, appreciated, acknowledged, approved of and respected.  The problem is that you can’t just decide to give yourself these things – you have to find them within yourself.

During Relationship Coaching Sessions you will  experience the essential nature of who you truly are and you will notice that nothing is missing. You  will feel expansive and peaceful with a sense of already being whole and complete.  You will no longer need to find that sense of being okay from having someone else approve of you or “love” you. Once you have developed this simple yet profound form of “self love” you won’t need to look outside yourself. 

If you want someone who can stay present even during your upsets, you have to be able to do that. If you want someone who accepts you for who you are, you have to be able to naturally do that yourself. And the great thing is that when you fully resonate with and actually live the way that you want your relationships to be in your life, they simply start showing up that way.

6 Step Relationship Puzzle Programs will give you a deep experiential understanding of yourself and a profound basis for sustaining a successful relationship with both yourself and others. Email or call me at 847 414 3730 for your FREE no obligation session today

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